Rob Cee


Well I'm the guy that's on between 10 and 3, when everyone is at work.

My boss is convinced people read these, I am not.  So I need something in here to fill up space.  I'm pretty sure if he ever visits this page, he'll just see a bunch of text and then be off on his merry way.

Here are some ingredients in sushi rice; rice, vinegar, sugar and salt.

Hmm, still not long enough.  

Did you know that Colin McGregor, brother of Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor, is a British RAF pilot and goes by the call-sign "Obi Two".  That's a neat story, but I wonder if Colin secretly cringes every time he hears it.  I mean, he's a pilot in Her Majesty's Royal Air Force for Pete's sake. What is it going to take to get out of his brother's shadow?  It's not like Ewan MacGregor is a real Jedi, he's just an actor.

Well you are obviously still reading this, so  send me an email with your favourite sea creature in the subject line, and I will tell you the funniest joke I know. Or you can call in between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday if you want to chat or see a fender bender you want to let people know about.



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